Our Beginners Brows training will qualify you in waxing, tinting & plucking It will include theory, demonstrations and practice.


A kit is not included, you will use our products on the day and be provided with a full product list. The product list can be requested in advance.


You will require a model and an ALLERGY TEST is necessary, it is imperative that they BOOK one and details for this will be sent in your booking confirmation email.

Please be aware we are closed Sunday’s and Mondays so you will need to book the patch test for the Saturday before at the latest.

They also need to make us aware of any existing allergies before the start of the course and make sure they do not have any of the CONTRAINDICATIONS to the treatment listed below.


If your model is unable to come for a patch test, it is possible for you to purchase the products yourself & send us over a consultation form with their signature, please contact us for the product list in this scenario


It would be good practice to arrange a stand in model to get an allergy test incase one can not attend on the day. Your model will be needed from 4:45pm for august courses and 4pm for September onwards courses.


Length and duration: 2:00pm-6:00pm with breaks.Dates available below. (estimated times may finish earlier or later)


Location: BLINX


Suitable for: Complete beginners


What you will learn:

-Health & safety


- Contraindications

-Different brows

-Patch tests

- How to work with different face shapes

-Brow prep

- mapping brows

- Precision brow tinting

-waxing, trimming & plucking

- Brow Aftercare


Qualification & Certificates: The training will include theory, demonstrations and practice. You will receive a certificate from BLINX that will qualify you in the treatment for insurance purposes.


Other: You must be 16 or over to complete this course.


Waxing contraindications

Sunburnt skin on the area, Moles on the area, New scar tissue on the area, Undiagnosed pumps or bumps on the area, Diabetes, Psoriasis on the area, Epilepsy, Phlebtis, Poor circulation, Varicose veins on the area, Skin diseases, Hypersensitive skin, Eczema, skin thinning medications such as Retin A, Glycolic Acid, Accutane, Oedena, chemical peel within the last 7 days in the area, laser skin therapy within the last year on the area


Tinting contraindications

Alopecia, Eczema on the area being tinted, Conjunctivitis, Diabetic retinopathy, Recent eye infection, Skin infection/diseases, Psoriasis, pregnancy


Terms & Conditions:


Training date

If you need to change your training date it is up to the discretition of BLINX, you will need to provide your reasoning to BLINX in the form of an email at least 5 days before your course date to blinxsalonacademy@gmail.com. If you are studying a lash or brow course it is imperative that you have a model arranged.



All purchases are non refundable. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, where a training event has to be cancelled, that are out of the control of BLINX, your payment will not be refundable but can be reused against an alternative booking.

Beginners Brow Course: Brow waxing & tinting (Model required)

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